PPE Full Face Masks


Wilde Signs is happy to offer full face shields that help protect against virus transmission. We specifically designed our resusable face masks with corner cut-outs at the bottom. When this isn’t done, turning your head can be an issue for people with smaller heads.

Our PPE safety masks are made from clear, food grade PETG and feature a 1″ pad along the forehead for comfort and venting purposes. Because we added the corner cut-outs, we were able to design the mask to sit closer to the face, which is an important part of keeping spray or vapors from coming up under the mask.

While these masks alone cannot compltly safeguard you from everything, they do a great job in keepiny droplets and spray off your face, and they help you remember to not touch your face.

Our protecitve face shields are sold in small & large quantieies. Fast turnound time & nationwide shipping!