85 Octane Rating Decal Pack

Size: 3” x 2.5”
Material: Permanent Vinyl with UV protection
Print: Full Color, Single Sided

Octane Rating Decals for your fuel pumps! These high quality decals can be placed above the octane rating selector buttons. Our pump decals come with a durable gloss finish to keep them looking great for years. For custom quantities please contact us at 1.877.945.3744 or info@wilde-signs.com.

Looking for custom sized “push here” octane rating button decals? We sell our Octane Rating Decals in a generic rectangle size/shape that fits above most fuel pump buttons, but we can custom cut decals to go directly on your octane rating selector buttons! Contact us for details or for a free estimate.

Looking for more pump decals? If you can’t find it on our online shop give us a call! We have an online selection of commonly ordered decals but we truly are a custom shop. We can create any size, color, or wording that you need.