Cigarettes Sold at State Minimum Pump Topper Insert


Material: .020 styrene (plastic based sign)
Print: Full color, single sided using durable solvent or UV inks
Size: 20″ x 12″

Our WST line of Pump Toppers are one of the best ways to promote directly at a fuel pump island. These UV protected signs will hold up to harsh weather conditions and many days in the sun because of their quality printing and backer material.

This specific insert (frames sold separately) lets customers know that cigarettes are sold at the state minimum! This sign features bold lettering with a pack of unbranded cigarettes!

Pair with our American made Pump Topper Frame (sold separately) for a great way to help bring those pay at the pump customers into the store!

Awesome Idea: Our Pump Topper frames use a very strong bonding agent and are able to be mounted right side up, sideways and even upside down for interesting placement! Basically any flat surface can be used to mount these frames/signs to create more advertising opportunities (indoors as well as outdoors). Think vending machines, coolers, product racks, counters, equipment, walls etc.

Looking for a personalized version of this sign OR completely custom artwork? While we do offer a wide variety of stock sign options we believe custom signage can have a greater impact in a lot of cases.

Wilde Signs is proud to be a true custom shop. We have an awesome in-house  design team ready to create something perfect for you. Contact us today at 1.877.945.3744 or

You can also head over to our custom shop site to learn more about all we can do to bring your advertising projects to life.

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