Room Divider
Safety Barrier
(2 Piece)

Our Safebloc™ 2-Piece room dividers are the perfect solution for creating separation between work stations from the ground up. Our 4′ x 6′ room dividers are made from polycarbonate, the strongest clear plastic available, and feature a self standing design that can be set up in minutes.

Perfect for many situations where separation is needed in an open space such as schools, salons, retail stores, manufacturing plants, hospitals and more.

To set up our 2-piece wall divider simply use the provided H clip to clip the 2 barrier sections together on the ground or a large table. Once the pieces are clipped together simply attached the legs to the outside of the barrier by aligning the tongue and groove design (instructions provided) and then stand the barrier up.

We offer a seamless 1-piece version that can be shipped via Fed Ex freight in multiples of 5. This 2-piece version is our answer for those looking to order a small quantity, or want them to be transportable. By shipping the barrier in 2 pieces we are able to use Fed Ex Ground to ship in boxes.

Included with each barrier is a microfiber cloth along with best practice cleaning instructions.

Custom “pass-through” holes can be added.  Please contact us about customizing your order.


PLEASE MEASURE YOUR SPACE BEFORE PURCHASING Due to the nature of this product (size and weight) we cannot offer refunds or returns. Please make sure that you have at least 48″ width and 72″ height of open space to accommodate the shield. The legs are 23″ deep and sit on the outside of the 48″ x 72″ barrier. If you have any questions about the space needed please feel free to contact us.

Looking to purchase more than 10? We can offer quantity price breaks, as well as better shipping rates for quantities over 10. To learn more please contact us before placing your order online.

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